Mar 14, 2010


The last two weeks I have found it so difficult to post on my blog!!Im sure this comes up a lot for people but its so hard to write something for the world to see when you
dont feel like sharing!!! Anyway I feel like sharing now!!! I have an etsy account and Ive made one sale!!! Aura was the first piece that I posted and it was the first piece to sell to a lovely lady in Versailles in France!!!
Im trying to have photographs ready from sunny day shoots so that I can post on vanessavlinder every day but this is not as easy as it seems, finding enough time to photograph enough pieces with a window of sunlight and having enough sunny days consecutively to get enough pics!!! Here are some pics I did get...

This piece is an Extra-Large wrap called Petal as it represents rose petals!! It is 400 warps wide and 12 feet long prior to the felting process

and really turned out nicely in its soft colours and its hang. It contains mohair, sari-silk, cotton and my own handspun yarn...

A piece Ive just finished on the loom is called Begin and is all in
beiges with a touch of fresh spring green, the wool which I dyed myself and you have seen in a previous posting. It is an Extra Large 400Wx12f and I am excited to see what it looks like after it is finished. I alway make a 50Wx10f scarf in the same colour scheme before putting all the colours back away on my Wall of Wool, which is organized by colour and by feltable vs un-feltable.

To sleep now...I start my four day stint of closing shifts at SB tomorrow, meaning I dont have to work until 1p but am not finished until around 9.30. I have not done closing shifts in a while so it will be nice to have the change of clientelle and people I work with. I am doing a four day am, two days off, four day pm, two days off rotation to coincide with my partners work schedule so we can have the same work week!!! Fancy that!!!

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