Dec 2, 2010

Favourite Thrumming It!! Spinning Wheel Demonstration

Thrums are scraps left over from the weaving process.  I save all the non-wool thrums for the Eleganza scarves that I make.  All the woolen thrums are saved for the thrum yarn that I spin with various base colours of fleece.  In the Favourite event I had a mix of purple, green and turquoise.  I sat in the front window of Favourite Gifts and was also selling my wraps and scarves inside the store.

The picture below is what you would have seen if you had just walked by...

And here is what the space looked like from the inside looking out!

And here is some of the thrum yarn upon completion.  I gave a nice little portion to Carol Hyslop for her letting me sit in her shop and show off.  I wonder what she is going to knit with it?

I wove some of the yarn into a wrap called Olive and then at the Circle Craft Christmas Market I had all my hand-spun in a basket beside me during the demonstration there and a lovely lady bought it there!

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