Nov 17, 2011

Just Jewels Designer Showcase

Jewellery-only showcase offers exquisite pieces on the North Shore
November 2, 2011; North Vancouver, B.C. - A brand new artisan show will hit the North Shore on November 26 in the shape of theJust Jewels Designer Showcase. Setting it apart from other events, the carefully-curated showcase will feature just 13 artisans, all of who are professional jewellery designers specializing in beautiful, high-quality pieces. From the delicate filigree earrings by Su Foster and the finely crafted silver of Madeleine Chisholm, through to the bold one-of-a-kind necklaces of Linda Paterson and Martin Vseticka's contemporary gold designs, jewellery buffs will be delighted at the impressive range of artisan pieces.

Just Jewels will take place at the new Lynn Valley Village next to the Lynn Valley Main Library and Mall (1277 Lynn Valley Road, North Vancouver) between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm on Saturday, November 26 and provides discerning holiday shoppers with a perfect opportunity to pick up high-end art jewellery items from some of the region's most sought-after designers.

Just Jewels organizer and designer Julie Kemble invited a select group of artists and designers to participate, each offering a very different selection of pieces with their own unique style. "We really feel that putting a focus on art jewellery is important, as high-end designers sometimes get lost in larger shows," says Kemble, who will take part in the event through her own label, Giulietta Designs. "A beautiful piece of jewellery is a gift that lasts longer that just a season or a year. It's a piece that stays with you through your life. And having such an accomplished group of jewellery designers together is something that you just can't find anywhere else."

Just Jewels Designer Showcase will feature pieces by:
- 30 - 

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Just Jewels Designer Showcase
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