Aug 4, 2012

Cycle #4 of Instagram Journal

The week started and ended in Gibsons again.  My boyfriend 
works on the Queen of Coquitlam as a ERA and stays in 
Gibsons off and on so I get to stay with him.

This is the lovely little park behind Cedars Inn complete with little paths.

There is a sign on the tree which says Caution!! Please stay out of 
the ponds, the mud is very deep.

A lovely morph that can happen with Instagram filters.

This little path through the new growth really smelled like 
Fairbanks and it felt like I was going to see the Chena Slough 
at any moment.

Back home in the studio again I am making some more short 
wraps as the Stone Wrap at Favorite was sold!!

Here is what the warps look like when they are through the reed
and being fed through the heddles.

The weft and warp look so lovely together.

I was also busy creating many Eleganza Scarves this week and
this was my view from the sewing machine.  You can see the Pink
Eleganza Tunic hanging over my window.

I always iron the Eleganzas before labeling them and sending them
off to shops.  This red one has a doily sewn into it.

And a pinky beige complete with doily.

And pink with doily.

White with doily.

This piece was unnamed until Olivia and Madeline came over and
named it Fruit Smoothie, it is a Short.

And the final pic is back in the Inn in Gibsons of my yogourt 

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