Mar 4, 2015

A Handspun Showcase

This is a mix of the three colours of fleece that Tim
gave me for Christmas.  Some of this is available.

The Tim handspun.

Mix of orange that I have woven into a fun scarf.

My Friedrich Traub Spinning Wheel at the Lonsdale Quay with
some mixed unknown wool and merino from Alberta.

A woman came into the Hive when I was working last Fall 
and handed me this bag of unknown fleece that she had naturally
dyed years before and it had sat in a plastic bag since it dried and 
matted beyond use, she thought.

The mixed wool and Merino that I spun at Favorite.

A mix batt that I bought at Birkeland Brothers last
spring that was a surprise batt in many layers of colours.

Mixed wool and silk.

Mixed wool and Alpaca(?)

Mixed wool and alpaca(?)

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