Apr 13, 2015

A New New New Q Contest

Hello Q Lovers!

Announcing a NEW Q Contest!!

Pick a word that has a 'q' somewhere in it.

Describe the colours.

I weave a new wrap with your 'q' name and you WIN any Everyday Scarf!!!

Deadline Saturday April 30, 2015 6pm.

2012 letter was Q and Charlotte Campbell was the winner with Quetzale.

And the 2011 winner was Quelea Quelea.

What will your Q word be!!

Please add your word and an image for inspiration in the Comments.


  1. Squalor!

    makes me think of boucle yarns

    1. You are the winner! It was a really hard decision, but I loved your inspiration of boucle yarns and your image choice.


    1. Hello. I like your word! I need a name though, and a description of what you think this word means and looks like to you.

    2. Hey, Vanessa, it's mine!! Pam...Street Cat Designs...can't figure out how to post with my name!!

  3. quin·tes·sen·tial
    representing the most perfect or typical example of a quality or class.
    Because your work is the perfect example of quality and class. I would love to meet you and see it in person one day. I'm not sure how to add the image of inspiration but it's of the glass beach in California. Unless you need my photo? Maybe you could help me with this. Please and thank you :) I think that you are inspiring, beautiful and talented! My other word would be quirky but I know you've only asked for one ;) take care! ~Kate Knight (Alexas Bean on FB)

  4. Pourquoi! the french word for why? I love the way it sounds and feels in my mouth... for some reason my favorite french word :) -Bronwyn Zozula