Jul 14, 2012

My week in Instagram photos...

I have decided to start making Saturday Instagram photo day.  I am going to give you an update of my week through the photos I have taken through the week.

The Canadian window at Favourite Gifts in the Lonsdale Quay.

At the Horseshoe Bay Art Walk I had about three hundred visitors including little Alana here who fell in love with the Short Stone Wrap!! What a great size for a little one.  But in the end her mom bought a bag sold by sweet little Madeline.

A new Small Fruit Punch wrap went up on the loom.

The original Fruit Punch Wrap sold and went to Austin, Texas last year but it is the logo on all og my branding material so I got a lot of questions.

The warp and the weft look so pretty together.

And the same wrap in a different area.

A little evening cereal.

Tim is working over from Gibsons so I got to go and hang out with him.

...and almost arriving in Gibson's.

Spinning the fringe at the hotel in Gibson's.

This is a Medium Eleganza Shift that was available only yesterday at Haiku Pop-Up Shop at 644 Kingsway.  I did bring it home at the end of my shift to post it up on etsy.

An example of how you can wear your Eleganza Scarf.

A selection of Eleganzas at Haiku Pop-Up Shop.

The Gluten Free Bakery across from Haiku Pop-Up Shop has amazing soy cheese pizza!!

And finally Madeline's !BUNNY! peaking out from her bag on the way to see her Dad.

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