Jul 21, 2012

My weekly Saturday Diary told in Instagram

A sweet little picture of Madeline's Bunny.


Handspun Samoyed with thrums pre dyeing!

...and post!!

I love working with greens!!

And here it is woven.

I really love this Pink Lady Apple that I bought in bulk at Costco.  
It is honestly the best apple I have had in years.

Here is my little bobbin holder that is right beside my loom.

Lexi Sokureff from Daub and Design modeling my Rasta Eleganza 
while I was visiting her at Favorite Gifts in the Lonsdale Quay.

And here is what Daub and Design is!! Seamless shibori panties.

The silk in this warp is so nice smelling.

My nebulizer has yoga oil in it and really helps keep down 
the dust in my studio.

Waiting for Purolator.

A view from the loom.

Some handspun yarn in this Beige Everyday Scarf.

Madeline designed my next Black Everyday Scarf and it is lovely, 
so different than I would design.

This is a ball of yarn.

And a little touch of Madeline's Black Everyday Scarf.

And finally a little turquoise on a rainy day.

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