Aug 18, 2012

Cycle #5 of Instagram Journal

Going home from Gibsons, I love looking at the silhouettes of
the land masses.

See that edge, just a little ragged edge from the trees.

My new series of Short Wraps continues with this one called
Fruit Smoothie.

Headed to Favorite Gifts to work my monthly shift I thought that
my shadow looked really neat.

An assortment of Eleganza Scarves at Favorite Gifts in the Lonsdale 
Quay.  This piece did later sell at Harmony Arts Festival.

Madeline and Olivia have started making felt beads for me now and
the bracelet on the left is a mixture of both their first beads.


Next in the Short Wrap series, Ebb and Flow.

The yarn pictured here on the bobbin was white when Cara Birkland
snuck it into my purchases as it was so tangled.  I saved it for about
four years and then a month ago I decided to over-dye it and
really tangled in the pot but it was such a lovely indigo colour I
spent four evenings detangling it into five giant balls!

The next in the Short Wrap series, Masala.

I am collecting thrums to make a custom Eleganza Tunic for Mary Craig.

Inspired by the colours in this ball of handspun yarn.

Another Short Wrap called Spring.

Lucky folks like Me and Tim got to go and see the Rakish Angles
at the Harmony Arts Festival.

And the cream of the crop is the fact that I got to be at Harmony Arts
Festival this year!! An artist who was going to do both weekends
backed out of doing the second and Katherine Tong called me!
I did not want a full booth so I was very lucky to share with Jennifer 
Blair of Urban Fusions.


And Madeline!!

A view from inside the booth.

And on the Saturday night we caught the show.

And Katalina surprised me on the Sunday.  I have not seen her 
in about three years.

Paul Yard came and dropped off some postcards and a poster
for the 2012 Circle Craft Christmas Show.

Sweet Madeline at the Chinese Restaurant in  Gibsons.  Really good
food but really bad service.

And my Tim Tim, the love of my life.

The view from the Restaurant.

I asked Madeline to take a pic of me and this is the first one she
snapped.  Grrr...

And then i got silly for the second.

And third one lucky.

Some inspiration from Pinterest.  These leaves were
dipped in wax. 

Madeline and I walked from Bonny Brook Lodge into Gibsons.
4km but mostly in the shade.  Her dad was not very happy with
my decision to take this walk.

But we saw some beautiful sights.  This is at Grace Point.

And looking out from Grace Point.

Which inspired this Large Wrap, Grace, which is a special order
for a customer from Harmony Arts Festival.

A view from inside the loom.

And my favorite part of weaving, the warp and weft blending.

Oh yeah, and the sale in my etsy shop ends when my blog hits
20,000 visitors and it is going to be soon.  So far 19,084!!

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