Oct 14, 2012

Cycle #6 Instagram Journal

It has been awhile since I wrote in this journal.

I was creating special orders.

Working my shift at Favorite Gifts.

Traveling to Gibsons.

Visiting my TimTim at work.

Making felt pearls for accessories.

Some finished earrings.

Demoing on my spinning wheel 

This is a Small Size Eleganza Tunic available at Favorite Gifts.

One of our last days at the house in Horseshoe Bay.

Two little learners.

This piece was a special order for a lady at Harmony Arts Festival.

An assortment of wraps at Woods Showcase in Upper Gibsons.

When Tim was over in Gibsons I collected a whole bunch of 
Arbutus Bark for dyeing a wrap with.

In packing for the move to Squamish from Horseshoe Bay
I organized both Tim and my CDs.

My thrum holder for Making Eleganzas.

When I take photos of my work outside for etsy.

Also in preperation for moving I used up all my liquified acid
dyes to dye a whole bunch of overstock yarn so I made a wrap
inspired by the yarn.

An Eleganza Bandana paired with a Dahlia Drive slip dress at 
Favorite Gifts at the Lonsdale Quay.

Raspberry Short Wrap at Favorite Gifts.

In preparation for the Spruce Wrap.

A selection of what is available on my etsy shop for Everyday 
and Eleganza Scarves.

I love my little Pfaff probably really needs a cleaning!!

A great store called Little Cricket Gallery will be carrying my work
this year and I made him 2 Short Wraps inspired by the name.

Some of the upheaval before moving.

An Eleganza Scarf in process.

Some chai and sunshine at the Lonsdale Quay.

Went to Colette's Frocks to go and say hello and Wendy had her 
Blackberries Wrap with her!!

The last trip from the Horseshoe Bay house and we had everything
in the car!

Including my Oak Tree!!

And here I am with Oma's loom in the new house!!

And my Eleganza Sewing section.

On my bike when it is not raining I can get to the grocery store 
in 5 minutes!!

It took forever to find the second crank for the loom!!

Now for the second Short Little Cricket Wrap made in the new 
place in Squamish.

Made an awesome Borscht Stew.

A view from the loom.

Here are the letters for the Short Wrap.

A little parsley, peppers and and apple salad.

Ivory Short Wrap.

The two piles of goodies to go to the two Little Cricket Gallery.

On days that were sunny I went to visit the horse stables and this
horse would eat right out of my hand!!

And finally a Gift Short Wrap!!

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