Mar 1, 2013

New Z Contest!!

Announcing a NEW Z Contest!!

Pick a word that has a 'z' somewhere in it.

Describe the colours.

I weave a new wrap with your 'z' name and you WIN any Everyday Scarf!!!

Deadline Saturday March 31, 2013 6pm.

Last years letter was Q and Charlotte Campbell was the winner with Quetzale.

And the 2011 winner was Quelea Quelea.

What will your Z word be!!

Please add your word in the Comments.


  1. So Sprach Zarathustra is the Richard Strauss piece that everyone knows from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Black, Silver, Gold, and a whole crazy-ass collection of neon and fluorescents. If you’ve never seen the movie, it’s a treat, just from the production design aspect. And, side note, this film was the event of my very first date, ever. Grade 5. It was my birthday. I still can’t believe that my parents funded this.

  2. Zillabongium - (a pale yellow taurean colour with a magnolia touch)

    (Pam J)

  3. Zuversicht...means confidence/confident (optimistic) in German. I think that it would be a nice name for one of your wraps - because a lady wearing great clothes has confidence! I see a little sparkle in the wrap too :) wish me luck - I would LOVE to win this piece!!

  4. ZEN - the colors would be like a Zen Sunrise; beautiful reds, oranges, and copper colors. I found the perfect picture to describe it:


  5. Zest - lemon, lime, orange, pink

    Estelle Liebenberg Fritz

  6. Zephyr - a lightweight article of clothing! Perfect. It also means a soft breeze so I would suggest soft blues to deep blues with a kiss of yellow sunshine.

  7. Zeus came to mind immediately! something that captures the bright sharpness of lightening, on a backdrop of inky grey/blue - like a stormy night sky.

  8. Zissou!
    Aka Life Aquatic. Ocean blues and greens with awesome florescent colours that you'd find on nautical markers!

  9. Zahara - meaning: flowering, shining

    Catherine Brown
    Bowser, BC

    I have moved to Vancouver Island.

  10. And the winner is...Estelle with the word Zest!!! I am so excited to make this wrap in citrus colours!!!