Jan 19, 2014

Instagram Journal

A small spattering of some things that have happened
in the last 7 days.  My hand-spun collection seems to
grow and shrink depending on what I am working 
on and what hand-spun people are buying from me.

The above picture is single ply of silk wool and
 purple thrums before I double plied it and it 
turned into the 'egg' below.

And then this picture is a new yarn I started spinning
the same day with silk wool and turquoise thrums.

On Wednesday I signed onto the National Student
Loan Website to see what the balance of my loan
was and found that I had overpayed my loan at
the end of December and they mailed me a check
for 100$ I paid my loan off!! 

I am currently working on a series of purple Everyday Scarves.

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