Apr 10, 2014

8 Week Instagram Update

A lot has happened in the last 8 weeks since I took the pic 
of this green smoothie.

Valentines Day.

Farmer's Market.

Arton Leather, she makes lovely leather cuffs, earrings, necklaces
and belts.

And then I broke my leg! I had ordered lunch at Casa Norte on
Cleveland Avenue in Squamish and I was stepping down the little
black stairs and stepped off the side to the ground with my left foot, 
which was only about 1 foot and a half, my foot rolled underneath
me and my Tibia and Fibula both snapped and protruded out. 

I did not know how bad the break was until the paramedic cut off 
my boot and Daub and Design Leggings, he said that it was protruding!
I was brought to Squamish General first but there was no Orthopedic 
Surgeon so I then transferred to Lions Gate Hospital.  My leg was put
in a temporary cast just do the pain was better as my foot was
completely to the left.

The fall happened at 1 pm on the Monday and I had to wait 
until about 1030 the next morning to have the surgery where a 
metal plate and about 8 screws into the fibula but they left the 
tibia to mend itself.  

Before surgery still.


It was nice to have visitors.

Then the recovery in the hospital.

I had a walker to get to the bathroom.

By Wednesday I was feeling desperate to bathe so one of the nurses 
gave me some washcloths and a shampoo.

Then I was able to go home on the Thursday.  Tim made me a nice
little nest on the couch.

I went to Gibsons with Tim on his work cycle so I would not have 
to be at home by myself.  It was a beautiful view of the Straight.

THen the snow began.

The cast consisted of some plaster underneath with tensor bandage 
holding it all together.  Itchiness was very annoying.

The day 2 weeks after surgery was very exciting as I was going to 
get the cast off and the stitches out and really learn about what 
hardware was in there! And how many stitches there were.

I was surprised when the cast was removed that there was quite a 
large scar with 29 staples and 4 stitches! It was quite disgusting 
getting the staples pulled out one by one and apparently
I was quite noisy!  I then got my air cast. What a beauty.

The first time at night when I took the cast off it felt really strange.

I was told not to be a slave to the boot.

Tim took me up for a flight over Squamish.  My first since Alaska
21 years ago.

Tim being his handsome self.

A view off the airstrip.

The place in Gibsons has a wonderful rocky driveway.

Trying to gain back some calcium with almonds and yogurt
covered raisins.

Doing some drop spinning with silk and black wool.

Look my ballet toes are coming back!

My letter contest was for the letter E this year.

Going out in the evening I wore my Doc on one foot to balance 
out the air cast.

Was so much fun to actually get back to spinning.  Thankfully 
my right spinning leg was unaffected.

I updated the collection at Favourite Gifts in the 
Lonsdale Quay.  Quite an assortment of rare 

This was the ball of yarn that I finished yesterday.

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