Feb 19, 2010

My First Day

Here is my first day as a blogger so Ill keep it short and sweet. I love to weave. I love to see the yarns before they go onto the loom and I love to make the warp, reed it, heddle it, I really love weaving it! Its so sad when the weaving experience is over. It has all the yarn interlacing colour over texture, no more bobbins will be filled, the fringe just needs to be spun into a tassle. Then it goes into the washing machine and comes out looking so much different than it did when it went in...the textures have changed, the woven pattern has disappeared in some areas, there is fluff all over the washing machine! I save this fluff by the way and make it into tight little balls that go on a wreath at our front door.

Keep checking out my blog to see what projects are currently on the loom...

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