Aug 20, 2010

Q Contest

To clarify: My wraps are based on a group of colours surrounding a name of something in nature, something electronic, or something ethereal---just as an example. So what I would like from you is a name that has a Q in it and an explanation of the colours that are in it!! For example a Quail---greys, yellows and browns!

And the deadline is Tuesday August 30th...


  1. Kumquat. Greens & Oranges come to mind, but also desert colours.

    Quantify. Blacks, Reds, Greys & whites. Mathematical themes.

    Quantum Mechanics. It really doesn't matter what colours, but they should change every time you look at it. Mixed fibres from live and dead cats would be highly appropriate.

    Quechua. Greys, greens, and banana yellows. Peruvian foodstuffs. Should have some Llama fur fibre in it.

    Quisling. This would be a tough sell, especially to Norwegians. Olive tones, cold greys, shiny blacks, some gun-metal. Looks good at first, but it would ultimately be a bit unsettling.

    Quonset. Utility. Efficiency. Dull metallic with a touch of rust. Suited to a no-nonsense personality.

  2. Fun contest!

    Quick Brown Fox: rust, brown and gold with a hint of cream or green

    Quill Pen: Smoky black/greys/taupes with a sliver of silver or cream or dark mauve shot through

    Quiet river: blackened greens with smoky blue accents

    Cupid's quiver: a rich blackened red with an asymmetrical shot of something gorgeous in texture--the contrast colour could be anything but the beauty of this one would be the textural contrasts

    Quaint it ain't: a really bold and unexpected mix of colours--a stash-cleaner!

    Have fun!


  3. And now that you've got me started, a few more!

    Unrequited Love: dark tones: blacks/mauves/moss greens

    Kiwis and quince: bright greens and purples

    Quarry: blacks, taupes and creams

    Ciao for now!

    Julie O-C (aka Japanese Maple)

  4. i am thinking a yellow "quiche" wrap. yum!

  5. Turquoise: Lonsdale Quay

    Green: Quagmire

    Blue: Quintessential

    Yellow: Queen Bee

    Black: Quixote's Horse

    Red: Quickstep

  6. AQUA - Blues and greens Not very creative, but that is all I can think of.

  7. Quartz Spheres: Turquoise and Black

  8. Albuquerque - Turquoise, Blue, and Yellow. The colors of the sky, and the sun in the high desert of New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment.