Mar 4, 2012

New Q Contest!!

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 Announcing a NEW Q Contest!!

Pick a word that has a 'q' somewhere in it.

Describe the colours.

I weave a new wrap with your 'q' name and you WIN a Everyday Scarf!!!

Deadline Saturday March 31, 2012 6pm.
The last winner chose the Weaver Bird who's latin name is Quelea Quelea,

Quelea Small Wrap


  1. Katherine Tong: Queen, silver and gold and white.

  2. Quince: green leaves, bright yellow on the outside and cream on the inside.

  3. Jackie Brock: Bouquet, Fuscia, red, orange, yellow.

  4. quinoa: i'm thinking sandy shades, champagne/creams, white-gold neutrals with flecks of vibrant yellows. yum!

  5. Estelle's vote:
    quietude: ink blue, grey, indigo, taupe, plum, and wedgewood blue... maybe a thread of sap green?

  6. Donna says: vernal equinox--with all shades of green sprouting up, mixed with purple grape hyacinths, snow drops, a few yellow crocuses.

  7. Quindo Magenta - like a purplish sky!


  8. Vivian says: My word is QAT, which is also a great scrabble word!

    Shades of green, perhaps mingled with browns as in the photo of the qat fields in Yemen,

    Fingers crossed for me! ;-)

  9. Pam Jackson says: Quagga....a recently extince zebra, striped only on the head and shoulders....would make an absolutely beautiful black and white scarf...

  10. Amy McCallum says:
    Quintessential, which represents the most perfect example of a quality or class. For example, this pic shows some quintessentially beautiful stained glass windows from the Sainte Chapelle in Paris. It's theme is the resurrection, which is perfect for Easter/springtime - colours are cobalt blue, grass green, burnt sienna and ivory.

  11. Quantum leaves you with all the clours of the rainbow because it is inclusive of all there is

  12. Charlotte CampbellMarch 14, 2012 at 10:04 PM

    Quetzale: vibrant turquoise and red with hints of black and white and emerald. It is the official bird of Guatemala. They even named their currency over the bird!

    1. Charlotte!!! Your word is beautiful!!! YOU WIN!!!

  13. How about Quagmire - an earthy peaty place often encountered on the moors of England. The colours would be rich umbers and earthy greens - olives, sap greens and some threads of brights chartreuse with teh odd undertome of ochre and red iron oxide